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.:stick-man update:.

2008-11-28 16:07:09 by Blayzeing

It's comeing along really well! at the moment I have just set up all the basics: evil things, player motion, lives, pause menu, start menu, preloader ect.

It should be done very soon, so whatch this space!

There's been a hult in production :( so it may take loger to make, sorry.

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2009-01-03 13:58:27

I highly doubt that anyone's going to lose any sleep over this.


2009-01-24 17:42:21

slaXor, leave him alone. He's just stating the facts about his game. I've seen it, it's good. go and annoy someone else.

Blayzeing responds:



2009-07-12 14:18:52

Who exactly is winter fox? Your personal body quard?


2009-07-13 15:57:16


No. Just a friend who doesn't want people insulting his friend.


2009-07-21 11:45:37

Sorry winter, but you can't say that i insult him, what have i said that's so insulting? All I said was how he could improve his animation, and what he could of left out, there is nothing wrong with that? Agreed?


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